Team Structure

Within 1619, students can specialize in one of twelve areas known as subteams. Technical subteams, such as Hardware Design, Fabrication, and Robot Software, are responsible for engineering the season's robot, while the Operations subteams, such as Admin, Outreach, and Engagement, enhance the Up-A-Creek business and establish the team as a champion for STEM inspiration in our community. Each subteam has a lead, and Technical and Operations leads co-lead the team by managing their respective branches. 

Technical Subteams

Hardware Design

Using OnShape modeling software, the Hardware Design team CADs the robot each year to design each iteration of our competition robot.


On Fabrication, students are trained on  lathes, CNC mills, 3-D printers, and more in our in-house machine shop to fabricate parts for the robot.


Controls creates prototypes early in the season, and then assembles and wires the robot's electrical and pneumatic systems.

Robot Software

Programming the robot is Robot Software's annual task, which includes autonomous code and advanced vision systems to make drive team's job as easy as possible.


We have a fully operational practice field thanks to Construction, who tackles non-robot build projects and keeps our building looking world-class.

Application Software

Applications Software develops the scouting app used for competitions, among other non-robot software projects for the team.


From kickoff to alliance selection, strategy is the mastermind behind how the game works and who our allies will be.

Operations Subteams


Up-A-Creek is a business in Admin, who manages our team rosters, finances, travel plans, spirit store, and vending machine.


Outreach brings robotics to the world by organizing community events, partnering with local companies, and giving back through volunteering.


Responsible for creating videos, taking pictures, and maintaining our social media, Engagement captures the best of Up-A-Creek

Captains and Committees

In addition to subteams, committees are formed periodically as needed by the team. While too small to have formal leadership, they are essential to team function. Committees create the annual Impact Award presentation, write grants, drive our robot, and more. We also have two captains, safety and spirit, to keep our team safe and fun.