FIRST Lego League

FIRST Lego League is a fun, competitive robotics program for 3rd-8th graders. Have a curious kid who loves to build and create? Join us!

Summer Learning Sessions

Each summer, we hold learning sessions.  Students practice working as a team, following the engineering process by building a basic robot drive train, and creating line-following code, and going up ramps, which will be helpful for the Competition Season. Every student who participates on any of the summer learning nights have a reserved spot on a team.  

Competition Season

The FLL competition season is full of excitement and learning! Students design and build a robot to compete in various Lego challenges at competitions. Additionally, students identify a real-world problem to solve based on the theme of the year, and create a presentation for judges on how to solve it.

What are FLL Core Values?

In FLL, we believe that each member is vital to the team's success. We take the FLL Core Values very seriously and want each team member to know, understand and live them!

Discovery We explore new skills and ideas.

Innovation We use creativity and persistence to solve problems.

Impact We apply what we learn to improve our world.

Inclusion We respect each other and embrace our differences.

Teamwork We are stronger when we work together.

Fun We enjoy and celebrate what we do!

Important FLL Dates

Summer learning sessions: Fridays 5:30-7:00

FLL Regional Competition: November 18th

FLL State Competition: December 9th