Summer Camps 2023!

We are excited to be running 9 camps throughout the 4 weeks in June. All camps run Monday-Friday from 1-4 pm. Machining camps cost $210, and all others cost $185. See below for descriptions, grade levels and times.

Intro to Milling (9th-12th) - June 5th-9th and 19th-23rd

In this class students will learn the safe operation and daily maintenance of the vertical knee milling machine. Students will do some manual machining, do some simple programming, and will observe some CNC machining in action. Students must tie back long hair, wear short sleeves, long pants and wear closed toe shoes. 

Intro to Lathe (9th-12th) - June 12th-16th and 26th-30th

Designed for beginners, this introductory class will expose students to the basics of machining and metal fabrication using the lathe, including facing, turning, and drilling. Students must tie back long hair, wear short sleeves, long pants and wear closed toe shoes.

Explorations in Origami (5th-12th) - June 5th-9th

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, there is always more to learn about the art and science of paper folding.  Join us for some summer fun as we exploration geometric folding and its applications to foldable architecture.

Little Bots (K-3rd) - June 12th-16th and 19th-23rd

Do you love Legos and Robots?  Come play with us and learn how fun it can be to program and build things with your hands.  Designed for students in grades K-3, students will learn the basics of robotics using the Lego Spike robotics system.  We will learn some coding, circuits, how simple machines work and more!

Cooperative Minecraft (4th-12th) - June 12th-16th, 19th-23rd and 26th-30th

On the surface, Minecraft seems like a simple game. The Minecraft world is large, open-ended and full of hostile creatures. You must mine stone, chop wood, build shelter, grow food, and build weapons to survive. But to move on to large and complex building projects, a community of Minecrafters must work together. As a group, students will design and plan a city. Students will establish rules and conventions, cooperate with each other, manage scarce resources and create divisions of labor. In this camp we will all play vanilla Minecraft on our own server. The world will be fresh, and as a group we will decide what to build. And most importantly - have some summer fun!

3D Printing and Design (6th-12th) - June 5th-9th

This camp allows students to learn Computer Aided Design (CAD) and print their own designed parts. Students will learn to CAD in OnShape, and learn the basics of 2D drawing and hand sketching. They will then learn to create 3D models from engineering drawings and produce assemblies of basic parts.  Students will learn how to use the 3D printer slicer and operate our 3D printers (Prusa and MarkForge).

Intro to Java Programming (6th-12th) - June 26th-30th

Students will learn the basics of Java programming. Students will progress through a self-paced course with assistance from our advanced high school programmers.  The course covers basic data types and operators, conditionals, iteration, arrays, lists, inheritance and recursion.  Students will also be introduced to competition coding problems and will work through examples with our experts.

Intro to Web Development (6th-12th) - June 12th-16th

Modern companies -- whether their focus be data science, AI, or really anything business related -- are needing more and more web developers. This camp teaches the basics of HTML, CSS, JS, and possibly a fullstack development framework called React. Other possible tools include SQLite, git, and other workforce methodologies and technologies. Overall, this camp will teach basic fundamentals of the beginning bare-bones web development languages. 

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