Student & Parent Agreement

Parents & Students: Read the following agreement, and then complete the form at the bottom of the page

Welcome! We are excited about your interest and upcoming participation in Up-A-Creek Robotics. Below is an overview of the policies and expectations of the team.


The Team Handbook, Student & Parent Orientation, and New Student Onboarding include a broad array of information, including the team’s history, overview, operating procedures, and student/parent expectations. All students and parents are required to read and abide by them.

All data/content in communication systems managed by the team are subject to review by the GEAR Board. Example systems include, but are not limited to,

    • Team Google accounts, including Gmail and Drive
    • Team Slack accounts, including private channels and direct messages
    • Team Instagram accounts, including private images
    • Team Twitter accounts, including direct messages
    • Team forms, including written documents and online sign-ups

Consent and Release Agreement

All students and respective parents must complete the Consent & Release Agreement to be a member of the team. Upon completion, it shall be submitted via the form below. Where a conflict in policy exists, the Consent & Release Agreement shall take precedence.

Student Fees

The team’s funds come from sponsorships, donations, student fundraising, and student dues. Those funds primarily cover robot components, learning/project supplies, facility maintenance, and the competition registration fees (not travel fees). The dues per student are $360 per season, and the payment schedule options are

    • Lump Sum
      • $360 by 8-Nov
    • Installments
      • $120 by 15-Oct
      • $120 by 8-Nov
      • $120 by 1-Dec

Upon receipt of dues, the student will be provided

    • Safety glasses
    • Team polo-shirt
    • Team t-shirt
    • One ticket to year-end banquet

Additional details

    • The payment of dues must be submitted via the online team store or check at the HQ.
    • Payments must be on time for students to continue team involvement
    • Dues and any funds raised are not refundable
    • Misbehaving, unsafe actions, theft, and dishonesty are each grounds for immediate dismissal from the team (raising funds and/or paying dues is not a guarantee of team membership)
    • A new t-shirt is provided each paid season
    • The safety glasses and polo shirt are provided once (first paid season)
    • The shirts will be provided in time for the first regional competition in the spring

Parents & Students: COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING FORM to confirm your acceptance of the above agreement and provide your contact information.

This agreement will only be accepted online. You must click the "Submit" button at the conclusion of the form, and then see the "Your signed agreement has been received" message.