Drivetrain: Powered by 4-CIMs, our 2-speed Ball Shifters (7.1:1/15.3:1) drive a 4-axle BRECOflex tank tread skid steer system. Our ~28” square frame with ~22” wheel base provides stability!

Launcher: Catapult-style launcher powered by fiberglass composite flat springs. Extremely high-powered launcher allows us to have a LARGE 10ft+ shooting “Sweet Spot”. We can shoot on the run (forward or backward). We use a “choo choo” style draw-back mechanism powered by a Banebot 775 motor, allowing for rapid reloading and shooting accuracy unaffected by battery voltage!

Collector: Pneumatically deployed, roller ball collector powered by a BAG Motor and VexPro Versa-Planetary allows us to grab a ball and quickly get it retracted inside our frame perimeter while NEVER losing the positive grip on the ball. 4 mecanum wheels assist in ball centering providing an incredibly wide “Capture Zone” allowing our drivers to collect balls at high speed! Pneumatically actuated upper and lower “Fingers” allow interference-free shooting as well as the ability to Catch passes from robots or Human Players more easily.

Controls: Wheel encoders allow for accurate driving control during autonomous. Optical sensor used to recognize presence of a ball to control collector functions and incorporate “Dry Fire” mitigation. Magnetic reed switches on cylinders allow positional feedback of our collector mechanism ensuring safe and effective operation of all integrated sub-systems. Mechanical limit switch provides positional feedback of the “choo choo” mechanism for precise and safe reloading of our launcher.

Software: Labview coded system with 3 unique autonomous modes, including a 2 ball mode. Numerous other functions coded to simplify driver operation including 1-touch Pass and Catch functions that simultaneously control multiple robot sub-systems.

Other: Our robot has an incredibly LOW center of gravity that is specifically constructed for the rigors of Aerial Assist game play. Our low CG and “Run and Gun” shooting allow us to get where we need to be in a hurry. We stand less than 32” tall and weigh about 110lbs!