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Student & Parent Agreement

Parents & Students:  Read the following agreement, and then complete the form at the bottom of the page

Welcome!  We are excited about your interest and upcoming participation in Up-A-Creek Robotics.  Below is an overview of the policies and expectations of the team. 


The team handbook and student & parent orientation include a broad array of information, including the team’s history, overview, operating procedures, and student/parent expectations.  All students and parents are required to read them.

Consent and Release Agreement

All students and respective parents must complete the Consent & Release Agreement to be a member of the team.  Upon completion, it shall be submitted via the form below.  Where a conflict in policy exists, the Consent & Release Agreement shall take precedence.

Student Fees

The team’s funds come from sponsorships, donations, student fundraising, and student dues.  Those funds primarily cover robot components, learning/project supplies, facility maintenance, and the competition registration fees (not travel fees).  The dues per student are $345 per season, and can be fulfilled via payments, fundraising, and/or sponsorships/donations for the team.  The dues schedule is
  • Lump Sum
    • $345 by 8-Nov
  • Installments
    • $115 by 15-Oct
    • $115 by 8-Nov
    • $115 by 1-Dec
Upon receipt of dues, the student will be provided
    • Safety glasses
    • Team polo-shirt
    • Team t-shirt
    • One ticket to year-end banquet
Additional details
  • The payment of dues must be submitted via the online team store or check at the HQ.
  • Payments must be on time for students to continue team involvement
  • Dues and any funds raised are not refundable
  • Misbehaving, unsafe actions, theft, and dishonesty are each grounds for immediate dismissal from the team (raising funds and/or paying dues is not a guarantee of team membership)
  • A new t-shirt is provided each paid season
  • The safety glasses and polo shirt are provided once (first paid season)
  • The shirts will be provided in time for the first regional competition in the spring