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Folded Flight



Folded Flight is a challenge to develop a paper airplane that can fashionably fly the farthest.  Awards will be given for the plane that maximizes flight distance within specified space constraints, and for the plane that dazzles the banquet attendees the most.

The rules are not intended to be "loop-holed", so please follow them reasonably.


  • All banquet attendees (students, parents, mentors, siblings, etc.) are welcome to participate.
  • For all challenges, only pre-college students (UACR team members, siblings, etc.) are eligible for receiving awards.
  • Each participant may enter a maximum of one plane.


Materials & Methods
  • The plane can be built with the following supplies
    • One 8.5” x 11” sheet of "copier" paper (maximum basis weight of 24 pounds).
    • 6 in^2 (e.g., 12" x 1/2") of clear tape.
    • Unlimited decorations not functional to flight, including
      • ink (“markers”).
      • wax (“crayons”).
      • graphite (“pencils”).
      • rhinestones!
  • The plane must be designed and fabricated such that to a reasonably astute observer, it glides like a plane.  A dense ball of paper and a paper rocket are examples of what would not be allowed.
  • Plane fabrication can start immediately.
  • For plane fabrication completed prior to 9-May at 5:59 pm
    • The plane will earn an additional 3.14' for the Distance Challenge (bonus!).
    • The plane can be entered into the Appearance Challenge (make it "purty!").
  • Paper, scissors and clear tape will be available to fabricate the plane at the banquet, though it will not be eligible for the Appearance Challenge.
  • The Challenges will begin on 9-May at approximately 8:30 pm.


#1:  Distance
  • The flight distance challenge will occur on a runway 20’ wide.
  • The plane shall be thrown by a single hand (no further assistance such as slingshots allowed) from the ground at the front of the runway.
  • The flight distance will be marked at the point of the plane closest to the front of the runway (the mark will be shifted 3.14 feet farther from the front of the runway if the plane was completed prior to 9-May at 5:59 pm).
  • The plane must land on the ground and within the width of the runway to be marked for distance.
  • If the plane gets stuck in or on the ceiling, it will be ceremoniously shredded!
  • Each plane gets two flight attempts.
  • The final distance for each plane will be the the farthest of the two flight attempts.
#2:  Appearance
  • To celebrate the elegance of flight, participants are encouraged to make their plane look ritzy.  From decorating the paper to making the shape of the plane unique/fun, make it your own!
  • The plane's appearance will be scored by votes from people attending the banquet.
  • This challenge is only applicable to planes completed prior to 9-May at 5:59 pm MT.


Distance Challenge
  • First Place:  Seagate Wireless Hard Drive!
  • Second Place:  Robot Thumb Drive!
Appearance Challenge
  • Tardis Flash Drive!