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 Annual Student Dues

For students that did not join the team until Dec-2014,  dues do not need to be paid in full until 10-Jan-2015.

The team’s funds come from sponsorships, donations, student fundraising, and student dues.  Those funds primarily cover robot components, learning/project supplies, and the Regional Competition registration fees.  The 2014-2015 season dues per student are $150 per season:

Pay full amount ($150, or $155 after 11-Jan)
The student will be issued safety glasses, ear plugs, and an engineering notebook.  The student will also receive a team t-shirt and personalized name tag in time for the regional competition.  The name tag will only be issued once (not subsequent years the dues are paid; $10 replacement fee).

If the full amount ($150) is not received by 10-Jan-2015, a late fee of $5 per week (starting on 11-Jan-2015) will accumulate as part of the unpaid balance due
The full amount (plus applicable late fees) must be received to continue team participation.