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 Annual Student Dues

The team’s funds come from sponsorships, donations, student fundraising, and student dues.  Those funds primarily cover robot components, learning/project supplies, and the Regional Competition registration fees.  The 2015-2016 season dues per student are $150 per season, payable up front or in monthly installments:

Pay full amount ($150)

Pay monthly installments ($50 x 3):
$50 by 20-Oct-2015
The student will be issued safety glasses, ear plugs, and an engineering notebook

$50 by 17-Nov-2015
Thanks, you are 66.66667% there!

$50 by 15-Dec-2015
The student will receive a team t-shirt and personalized name tag in time for the regional competition
The name tag will only be issued once (not subsequent years the dues are paid; $10 replacement fee)

If the full amount ($150) is not received by 15-Dec-2015, a late fee of $5 per week (starting on 16-Dec-2015) will accumulate as part of the unpaid balance due.  The full amount (plus applicable late fees) must be received by 31-Dec-2015 to continue team participation

 Annual Banquet

Each year, the team has a banquet to celebrate the season.  The event typically includes:
  • Raffle prizes!
  • Awards!
  • Highlight videos/pictures!
  • Robots to see/drive!
  • Music!
  • Dinner!
  • Fun!
One ticket ($11) is required per person (parents, siblings, team members, etc.)
Example: Mom, Dad, student team member, and one sibling attend = 4 tickets = $44.00

Be sure to update your Cart with the correct ticket quantity

 Competition Fees

Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI)
  • It is an off-season Stronghold Competition in Indianapolis, with many of the premier FRC teams attending.
  • Beyond the competition, the event has awesome entertainment (previous years have included a talent show, concert, and laser show).  It is a blast!
  • The 2016 event is from 14-Jul (Thursday) to 16-Jul (Saturday).  Details:
    • We will fly out early Thursday morning, 14-Jul, and load into the event early that evening.
    • We will compete all day on 15-Jul and most of 16-Jul
    • We will fly home the evening of Saturday, 16-Jul. 
This $100 deposit secures your spot for attending IRI.   Payment details:
  • The total fee per person for attending IRI should not exceed $550, and will cover several expenses, including transportation and lodging.  Other expenses such as food and souvenirs shall be covered by each individual.
  • The deposit must be payed via the button below by 28-May-2016.  Be sure to first enter your name in the field below.
  • If the team elects to not attend IRI (e.g., due to insufficient commitment, considerable increase in travel costs, etc.), the deposit will be refunded.
  • If the team moves forward with plans to attend, the deposit will not be refunded, and will be applied to the total fee.

This $440 fee completes your payment for attending IRI.  Payment details:
  • The total fee per person for attending IRI is $540, including the $100 deposit.  It will cover several expenses, including your flight, ground transportation and lodging (food and souvenirs shall be covered by each individual).
  • Here are the flight details (the team has already reserved a block of airline tickets, so do NOT book your flight yourself):
    • 14-Jul-2016 (DIA --> IND)
      • SWA flight 3351
        • Depart:  5:20 am
        • Arrive:  9:40 am
    • 16-Jul-2016 (IND --> DIA)
      • SWA flight 5252
        • Depart:  7:40 pm
        • Arrive 8:20 pm
  • The fee must be payed via the button below by Saturday, 4-Jun-2016.  Please note:
    • If you did not pay the $100 deposit, be sure to pay it also (there is an option to do so below).
    • In the 'Traveler Details' field below, you need to fill it in via the following format:
      • Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix, Birth Month, Birth Date, Birth Year, Gender, Redress Number (if applicable)
      • Example (no regress number):
        • Doe, John, Thomas, Sr, 6, 20, 1987, Male
      • The name entered must be your full legal name as it appears on the government-issued photo ID you intend to travel with.
    • Since the above 'Traveler Details' information is required for each person, add the fee to the cart for each person.  Thus, for two people paying together, their cart would have two line items (each at quantity one).

See above for how to fill in the 'Traveler Details'