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Rebuilding and learning

posted Aug 3, 2013, 11:43 PM by Up-A-Creek Robotics   [ updated Aug 5, 2013, 10:07 PM ]

Hi! I’m Kelsey Christofferson, a senior on the Up-A-Creek-Robotics Team. So far this season, the electrical team has been working on making our old robot from two years ago (Up-Duck) run again. We are fixing up the electrical panel and making it so that way it can attach to another chassis, and be easily moved from one robot to the other.  Once that’s done, the software sub-team will be able to use it to practice writing code.

This year, I’ve also really enjoyed working with Solidworks. Solidworks is the 3D program we are using. We use it to design and model the whole robot. I like making parts in it, and then when all the parts come together to form the whole robot, I can’t help but feel accomplished. After we have the 3D model done, we watch our work go from the computer screen, to actually building it and watching it come together in real life.

I think this season will be our best year yet. Every year we have gotten better and better, and I think this year won’t be an exception. We are already working hard  and training all of  our new members during this pre-season,  so when the  build season comes around and the game for the competition is announced, we will be ready to get started right away. Already knowing it’ll be a good season, all I have left to ponder is what will the game be this year?

Written by Kelsey C. on September 14, 2010