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Finding my direction

posted Aug 3, 2013, 11:55 PM by Up-A-Creek Robotics   [ updated Aug 5, 2013, 10:07 PM ]

Thinking back to the day of the first Up-A-Creek Robotics meeting, I had no idea how it would change my life. I remember going to the ice cream social and feeling completely out of place, like I simply didn’t belong there. When I heard a little bit about the Spirit sub-team, I thought that it had nothing to do with making robots. Whenever I would think about anything that had to do with robotics, I felt intimidated, so I decide that joining the Spirit sub-team was something that would be easy and fun. Going into the team, I didn’t think that I would learn any new skills that would be useful later in life.

At that time, I was interested in going into a career in the medical field. For the longest time I thought that becoming a pediatrician was what I was meant to do. Little by little, I started working with the Mechanical sub-team. I found myself walking away from the Spirit team projects to go work with the Mechanical team. After this, I started doubting the plans that I had for my future. A few weeks past and with the help of other team members and mentors, I was convinced that Mechanical Engineering was what I really wanted to do.

I think the thing that I’ve liked about the team the most, is all the people. Although at times I came up with questions that I thought were stupid, they always answered all of them with pleasure. If it wasn’t for every single person on the team, both mentors and students, I would still be thinking about doing something in the health field. Now when I think about doing that, I do not feel the same way I felt about it before. I am very glad that I realized this now, and not a few years into college.

I am really thankful for the opportunity that I was given. I know that not everyone has the advantage to join a club like this one. The most important part of the team is the mentors, because if it wasn’t for them we wouldn’t be as successful as we are. I thank all of the mentors for being part of the foundation that they have help build and for helping me discover what I really want to do, to become a Mechanical Engineer.

Written by Isis P. on March 14, 2011