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A new season is upon us!

posted Aug 3, 2013, 11:08 PM by Up-A-Creek Robotics   [ updated Aug 5, 2013, 10:07 PM ]

Hello Up-A-Creek Robotics 2010-2011! 
I have definitely missed you over the summer!  What was I supposed to do without meeting every day for 3 hours or more?  Or not having meetings from 9-5 on Saturdays?  I was so bored, and for that reason, my summer was a wreck without you UACR.  I missed how we would get together and build a robot, and how there was always something to do to help the team out.  I’m most excited about getting back together with all of my mechanical brethren to create a masterpiece that will be both functional and good to look at.

My mechanical brethren and I put together everything that can be seen on the robot from a distance.  We design and fabricate the drive train, the chassis, and any mechanisms that the robot needs to function at its highest possible potential.  Working with experts (who happen to be our mentors) in the fields of mechanical design (Dave) and mechanical engineering (John and Mike) is a great way to learn what the professional world of MD and ME are really like.

The 2010 season thus far (a whole two meetings in) seems to be shaping up just as good, if not better, than years past.  Quite a few new students from schools around the district have joined up and it makes the upperclassman feel a little bit better about the team after they depart for their future endeavors.  However, there have been communication errors and a bit of confusion while we attempt to get everybody’s name, email, and phone number into the team’s Internet database. 

The Lego MindStorm teams so far have been great.  Mechanical duties, such as building a Lego vehicle, are an excellent way to get your head in the game for the 2011 build season.  The Mindstorm work helps students understand communication, how to alternate mechanical designs, and gain dedication to the work they’re doing as they see a project through until the very end; without those three things, the ’11 season will be a very long season with very little results.

Good luck UAC Robotics! I plan on being with you every step of the way and I’m excited to see what January has in store for team 1619 this year!!!

Written by Nathan H. on August 27, 2010