The year?  2004.  It was a sunny day (no surprise!), and Mark Dotterweich had the goal to expand Colorado with more FIRST teams.  Where to start?  How about Longmont, CO!  And thus, Up-A-Creek Robotics was formed.  We started at Silver Creek High School in James Meyer's technology room, with students from high schools throughout the St. Vrain Valley School District   His mantra was "Inspiration through participation," something we practice to this day.

In the fall of 2007, we moved to Stewart Jordison's Engineering Technology room at the Career Development Center to help further support our continued growth.  This facility offered a variety of capabilities, including machining equipment, work areas, and computer workstations.  It was a great facility we were very thankful for!

Recognizing our team was continuing to expand, we move into a 6000 sqf. facility in the fall of 2015, which was made possible by an incredible donation from Fifth West Investments.  Within a few months, this facility went from a concrete pad with a steel shell to a fully-furnished team headquarters, including a CAD lab, software classroom, assembly room, machine shop, office, and a full-sized practice field (54' x 27').  Oh, and of course a kitchen to keep us well-nourished!  The new headquarters helped lay the foundation for the next chapter in our team's progress, as we subsequently formed a middle school team and eight elementary school teams, started running summer camps, increased learning opportunities, and more.

With 125+ K-12 students led by 25+ dedicated and talented mentors, we continue to grow and expand... and have fun along the way!

Team Overview
Up-A-Creek Robotics is high school robotics team in the St. Vrain Valley School District.  We are a district-wide team, meaning we have students from Niwot High School in Niwot to Silver Creek High School in Longmont, among others.  We are centered around the FIRST Robotics Competition, providing students with a unique opportunity to work with professionals in the community on realistic engineering challenges… and have fun along the way!  Details at a glance:
  • Founded in 2004.
  • ~60 high school students from high schools throughout the St. Vrain Valley School District.
  • ~15 adult mentors.
  • Develop a completely new robot each year (typically ~5 feet tall and ~150 pounds).
  • Meet essentially year-round (including the summer), providing many opportunities for students to learn a variety of technical and professional skills, ranging from mechanism design to project management.
  • Students design robots with 3D design software, fabricate them with advanced CNC equipment, and write software to control the robots' functions.
  • Deal with real-world project constraints, including limited time, resources and budgets.
  • Participate throughout the community, including holiday food basket programs and city-wide events.
  • Have fun!  Check out our highlights video to experience it!

Still curious about our team?  Check out our FAQ.